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Spire on iOS and Android is the companion app for Spire, the mindfulness and activity tracker.

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Designed with you in mind

How was my day? What made me tense? Where was I calm? Answer these questions and more with Spire's companion app on iOS and Android.


See your breath like never before

Launch the Spire app to see the Breathwave, a live feed of your breath. Can you get it to be smooth and steady?

When Spire notices your breathing is tense, it coaches you towards calmer breathing - right from the home screen.

See how you did today

Spire uses simple visualizations to help you evaluate your state of mind at a glance.

Now you can answer the question "How did I do today?" faster and more easily than ever.


Learn more about every moment

Spire's powerful integrations with your Calendar, Location, and Photos bring each streak to life.

Find out what you were doing, where you were, and who you were with to better understand your state of mind.

Boost to a calmer state of mind

Reach calm and increase focus with Spire's in-app guided meditations and audio exercises, called Boosts.

Featuring boost packs by Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, and other mindfulness leaders.


Plays nice with everyone

Too busy to take out your phone? Enjoy the Spire app on Apple Watch so you can be mindful on the go.

Download Spire today

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