Spire Professional

Spire: A scientifically validated daily health monitor
for both mind and body.

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Use Spire with your clients
to measure and improve health outcomes.

Use Spire with clients provides:

Real-Time Feedback

Beyond charts and figures for once-invisible behavior, Spire’s focus on actionable, in-the-moment feedback helps turn recommendations into results.

Measurable Outcomes

Evidence-based algorithms turn physiological trends into meaningful insights for treating issues related to chronic stress and distraction.

Improved Engagement

Real data from real life makes abstract treatments customized for the client — 
in-session and in daily life.


The resources Professionals need:

1.Discounted pricing

The Professional Pack includes discounted pricing on four Spire units for you and 3 of your clients.

2.Premium Support

High-priority and in-depth support from our science and engineering staff to address questions you have along the way.

3.Training Materials

A practioner’s guide is included in the Professional Pack. As programs and training materials are developed, our professional community will have access to specialized materials for using Spire with your clients or the organizations you support.

4.Beta group membership

Get early access to app updates and the Professional dashboard so you can influence product decisions before features are live to the public.

How Spire works

What people are saying


This is a little gem of self-awareness.

Vanity Fair

Reconnects your body and mind.


Spire helps you to control your breathing to maintain an optimal level.


I felt like frigging Buddha looking at all my glorious streaks of calm and focus.


The easiest for tracking stress over time.


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How to get started:


Get access to the training and Professional Pack by registring above.

2.Use Spire

Use Spire yourself to personal outcomes and reflect on how your clients could use the feedback in-session and in life.

3.Achieve Client Outcomes

Measure and track changes in your clients’ physiology over time as it pertains to their state of mind.

Registered professionals can also buy units for organizations or clinic. Reseller and distributor options are available through your business and online website.

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