Returns Manager

Thank you for visiting our returns page.

We understand that sometimes returns happen, and we are sorry in advance for any inconvenience. We invest in building the best product possible so that you can invest in your health, that’s why we will replace your Spire Stone or Health Tag if it stops working within the warranty period.


The Basics

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you require assistance after 30 days and your product is still within the 1-year Warranty period, please submit a ticket via our support center or contact us directly:

Warranty & Return Policy

Our detailed warranty and returns policy can be found in our support center. You can also find a number of Spire Stone and Health Tag related troubleshooting articles in our support center. Many reported issues can be solved by working through 1-3 troubleshooting articles in the support center.


If you are within the 30-day return window and want to return your Spire, please contact with your order number and proof of purchase. \


2018 Holiday Return Policy

Please see the 2018 holiday return policy if you received your Spire as a gift between December 1st through December 25th, 2018.


To request a return, please contact with your order number and proof of purchase.