Trade in your old Tags for a big discount on the latest version

What’s the TagUp Program?

We've designed Health Tags to be hassle free, charge free and incredibly easy to use. Users who buy a pack of Health Tags and use them across a range of clothing can expect their Health Tag batteries to last for over a year and a half.

When it’s time to get new Health Tags, you can upgrade to our latest version as part of our TagUp program. With TagUp, simply send us your old Tags and we’ll replace them with a new, fresh set. We’ll recycle your old ones and give you up to 40% off your next set of Health Tags.

How Do I TagUp?

Return your old Health Tags with a pre-paid envelope

Apply your new Health Tags to the clothes you wear most often, linking them to your app

Get back into your rhythm… and we’ll handle the rest


HealthTags are waterproof and washer & dryer safe. Attach them on your clothes once and just leave them on.


Health Tags remove distractions and concerns about battery life and maintenance.


Spire Health Tags make it easy to be eco-conscious. We recycle every Health Tag we receive in the TagUp program.


Attach Health Tags to the clothes you wear most often. And then just get dressed as normal and go!

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