Make Your
Clothes Smart

Spire Health Tag is the easiest way to monitor your sleep, stress, and activity.

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Unlock the power of breathing to reduce stress

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Make Your Clothes Smart

The easiest way to monitor your stress, activity and sleep.

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Your complete health partner for both body and mind.

Spire is the recognized market leader in continuous respiration sensing, real-time interventions and actionable feedback.

Only Spire has the ability to continuously monitor your breathing and help you use your breathing to help you reduce stress and improve your sleep.

What People are Saying


“I had no idea how a gadget could monitor my anxiety, but after 3 weeks with this thing I’m now a believer."

Stephanie - Medford, OR


“I’ve been getting headaches for the past year or so and I knew it was due to stress - they’re almost gone now"

Fred - Pensacola, FL


“This device has done more for me than medication. I wish I’d had one of these when I was ten years younger.”

Cathy - Pullman, WA

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